Back in this time the slaves that were mothers were taken advantage of and used to please their male masters. Linda has two children and she has to deal with being a slave and also being a mother. In the beginning, her family discovers that she is pregnant, and everyone, even her grandmother is deceitful of her. As the chapters further on, her family is involved in the fact that she needs to maintain her two children, Ellen and Benjamin, while working for Dr.Flint. In chapter 11, Linda goes through the motions of her child, as he was premature and she hoped he died, but also hoped he lived. The text says, “Alas, what mockery it is for a slave mother to try to pray back her dying child to life! Death is better than slavery.” All throughout these chapters, Linda has to deal with handling being a parent and being a slave. She is indecisive and worried of the fact that she is away from her children, and her children may be sold to Mr.Flint’s plantation. The situation connects to today’s society of how many children grow up without a father figure. Dr. Flint wants to know the race of the father of Linda’s children, and since the father was white, he wanted all communication to be done. In connection to our society, the children grow up without a father, and Linda’s children deserve to know who their father is.

Towards the end of the chapters, Linda has escaped and made a run to get away from working at Mr.Flints plantation. She uses her family, mistress, children, and Betty’s connections to ensure that she will not be discovered by Dr.Flint. He is on the lookout for Linda, and tries to use her family as punishment or bait to reveal where Linda is hiding. This directly connects to a domestic violence case, in which the women is not happy in the situation. The woman wants to get away from the situation as she is unhappy, directly relating to how Linda is feeling. Linda actually has to trust the people to keep her secret, and as a slave that is something that she is not used to having. As the story proceeds, the theme of disguise is common. Linda has to mask and hide herself from being noticed and captured. She covers her face with dark charcoal , and uses being a sailor as a disguise to return to her grandmothers house. Overall, the common question that Linda may ask myself is, “How am I a mother, how can I be a slave”?

Chapters 11-20 allow for a connection and getting away from the situation and hiding yourself from abuse or mistreatment. Similarly, to a domestic violence case. Linda has to get away from Dr.Flint as their relationship is getting unhealthy, and she wants to get away before things get out of hand.


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