Linda wants to be free from Dr.Flint’s control, seeing as he will never sell her. Throughout,the beginning of the chapters, Linda is still hidden in the dark attic of her grandmothers home, with the rats and other insects. She misses her children’s actual Christmas and the fact of their faces when they open their presents. She is upset but also relieved that she does not have to deal with Dr.Flint and his friendliness. This connects to parents and how they do not want to miss their children”s Christmas gifts, and to the season we are in today, being the holidays. The parents want to see their child’s face when they open that present, and are amazed and the effort and struggle they went though to make sure that they were happy. Similar to Linda, and ensuring that although her children may end up slaves they are happy in the life they are living now.

Linda wants to redeem her freedom and dignity, and not be so much controlled by a man. When Mr.Sands is elected in Congress, she tries to make her situation less complicated, by begging to let her children have their freedom. She could be a slave but does not want her children to have to deal with the abuse and unjustified livelihood. Similar, to how parents do not want their children to make the same mistakes they did, or not have to live through so much of the struggle.

America is not at redemption with Trump as our president, as he is making these irrational decisions. He wants to ban the Native Americans and return them to their “home”. Where is their home exactly, Trump? Isn’t our world free, isn’t everyone treated equally? This is a stereotype that is wrong, the world is “free”, but its not really free, blacks are still limited to the stereotype that they are bad for the economy and only cause injustice.

Finally, the end of Linda’s misery is over. Mr.Sands ensures that her children are treated with purity and kindness, and she comes out of hiding and sees her children for the last time. Benjamin, works for Ms.Sands, and Ellen, works for one of Mr.Sands relatives. Her children are not slaves they are free from being captured, and free from being abused. Linda only wanted the best for her children and their livelihood. Linda is also free. Free from Dr.Flint, free from slavery, freedom. In connection to a woman who faces abuse, once she escapes she is free, free from abuse, free from hurt, free from everything. Linda’s children are safe, and she does not have to worry of being abused or disrespect because she is on her way to REDEMPTION.


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