CESSATION(the end)

Free? What is free? Back in the day the slaves never really where free.
You can never trust a white man when you where one a slave. So, Now that Linda is “free”, what will she do in her life to ensure that her freedom stays upon, and that she can check on her kids.

Exactly, Linda was never free, as she thinks she is in freedom, she was not. When she want6s the ride the train, she is unable to ride first class, meaning she may have overcome being a slave, but the freedom part was never established. Ellen was given to Mr.Sands relative, ensuring that she would be given her education, but as you can assume this never happened. Similar, to a child’s custody case, you are granted full custody or partial custody. The relative was granted, “full custody”, of Ellen, and ensured that she would receive her education, and not be treated as a meaningless slave. Though, in most cases the person that it is token from is bad for the child, but in this case, the relative is the master and refuses to treat the child respectfully. The child has no clothes and does not receive the education it was promised.

Many things come upon the ending chapters. Linda believes that she is free, but has to worry of her children and their living conditions, Mr.Sands does not keep his word, and she has to run from Dr.Flint again. As she escapes from Dr.Flint everything comes together. She travels from place to place, so that she stays away from the danger of Dr.Flint. This connects to society today because people are running away trying to avoid the dangers of a bad area or get out of a relationship that is harmful to them.

Linda finally escapes from Dr.Flints misery. In the end he dies, and Mrs. Bruce buy’s Linda free. She does not have to be beaten, raped, abused, and pushed to the inconspicuous limit of whether of not she will be treated equally. She is free, FREE AT LAST, but her children are not living with her. She wishes her children were living with her, and free to explore the world. This is similar to the domestic violence case, the person is finally put in jail, and away from abusing the victim again. Also, it connects to the custody case, where the mother of father who has fought for full custody of themselves or the child, has received it.




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